Sponsored by MSA and CMCO

Here’s how we are keeping you safe this Ramadan:

OUR MASJID CAPACITY:  30 (20 brothers & 10 sisters)

Tarawih/Salah Registration:  First come, first serve as well as online

Contact for more info:  [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

  • If any symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, pray at home
  • No food or drink allowed inside the Masjid
  • Bring your own mask and wear it at all times
  • Children and high-risk groups* pray at home
  • Break your fast outside the masjid or at home
  • Leave the masjid promptly after salah ends
  • 2m physical distancing at all times
  • Virtual Ramadan programming also available
  • Patiently wait for doors to open at Maghreb time
  • No I’tikaf in the masjid this year
  • Bring your own prayer mat, shoe bag and Qur’an
  • Follow gathering limits to reduce spread and help us stay open

*Non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated age 65+

DISCLAIMER:  While safety of the community is of utmost priority, there is still some risk present with visiting the Masjid.  Each individual bears responsibility for their own actions and the Masjid will not be held liable for any complications arising from your visit to the Masjid.  Please kindly respect any decisions we make moving forward regarding keeping the Masjid open.