CMCO amplifies the voices of Canadian Muslims through action and accountability.

Chaplaincy Services

CMCO through its qualified chaplains has provided support for various public and private institutions supporting thousands of Canadians nationwide. CMCO is able to receive requests and make referrals for chaplaincy services and provides consulting and setup services for those individual communities or institutions establishing Muslim chaplaincy services for the first time.



CMCO Educational Workshops And Seminars

Through its national network, CMCO offers and/or facilitates high-quality educational seminars on mainstream Islam and Muslims to enhance Canada’s hundreds of public and private institutions, organizations, and companies. Seminars are tailored to meet the needs of these groups to better support their understanding through all levels



Chaplaincy And Outreach Endorsement with CMCO

CMCO and its advisory board are proud to offer endorsement* to those chaplaincy and Islamic outreach efforts that gain organizational or individual membership and are committed to CMCO’s guiding principles. See membership application for further details.



National Network Membership Portal

If you are a new or established chaplain often you may find yourself in need of support, resources, and endorsement as you serve your local communities, and educate your respective institution or organization. CMCO is here to work with and where possible collaborate with you and your chaplaincy to best assist you in serving your community.


Chaplain Training Seminary

CMCO is committed to supporting the spiritual needs of Canadian Muslims and as part of this commitment invests in a robust chaplain training program for aspiring Muslims with a desire to serve their community and benefit Canadian society.



Online Muslim Sensitivity Certification

Courses for individuals, institutions, and organizations that will facilitate their ability to better understand mainstream Islam and the worldview held by the majority of Muslims. These certification courses will allow employers to ensure they have the training needed to facilitate mutual understanding and respect in their respective facility, institution, or organization.