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People drive our work.

We provide resources to strengthen workplaces, individuals and communities.


This is how we do it:



CMCO mission states: Working collaboratively, CMCO builds the capacity and skills of its member organizations, including people with lived experience, to effectively address Muslims modern challenges, and related consequences and conditions. 

Members also provide an invaluable perspective on frontline service realities that informs our advocacy with government and other decision makers.

Collaboration made up of like minded Canadian organizations and partners providing important supports and services in communities across Canada.

Our team rely on our members to be actively engaged! There is strength in numbers. This is what makes our network effective and collaborative, we need to hear from you! This ensures that our work is provincially informed. Member input on needs, issues, challenges, and successes drives our work in the present, and shapes our future directions.


What CMCO gives to its Members:

• We promote, advocate for, and are committed to, exemplifying and evolving Muslims.

• We advocate for change and adequate sector funding at provincial and federal levels.

• We enhance and represent the Muslim community voice on a provincial and national level.

• We work collaboratively with regional authorities, the province, and the federal government to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the community-based response.

• Access to CMCO Certificate Programs.

• We provide leadership training for Muslims who’s willing to grow and expand their Chaplaincy knowledge.

• We provide face-to-face and networking opportunities for our members and allies that also connects them with health authorities, ministries, and funders.

• We provide training and capacity building programming and informative webinars for frontline staff and volunteers.

• We co-lead the Canadian Muslim Network in Canada, access to National Network Membership Portal.

• We foster relationships with researchers and academics, and support community-based leaders that builds community knowledge, contributes to policy analysis, and shapes advocacy.

• We create weekly E-newsletters and news items documenting community updates and trends in funding, services, research and more.

• We gather resources on our website for: training and leadership; Chaplaincy Services; Advocacy and Policy; Population and public health; and Organization support, including Indigenous Cultural Safety and peer work.

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Renew membership

As required in the bylaws, we ask all members to renew membership every 3 years, to consider the expectations and benefits when doing so, because the strength of CMCO as a provincial network depends on the contributions of each member organization.  Your input and engagement is essential for our work together.

Email us at [email protected].