We take action.

Now more than ever Muslims within Canadian Society are faced with the ever-growing trends of Islamophobia, encroachment on our rights and freedoms, and unapologetic challenges to our Muslim identity and way of life.

This is how we do it:

By powering muslims. we provide a voice for the mainstream views of Canadian Muslims. We’ll provide you with the tools and resources to take action in your own community and give you a voice.

By changing policy. We facilitate and support chaplain and Islamic outreach services for Muslims within established government and non-governmental Canadian institutions.

By getting muslims a seat at the table. We’re helping to get more Muslims elected and into boardrooms so that the real needs of women and families are represented at all levels.

By amplifying your voices. It is by way of CMCO’s guiding principles this united Network is able to provide and reach its goals and objectives

As part of these troubling realities we also find that non-traditional and fringe interpretations of Islam are being promoted and are serving as a means of skewing the awareness and understanding of true mainstream Islam, and further marginalize Canadian Muslim communities..